SunCast Podcast: Sam Vanderhoof: Solar Cowboyz, PV Recycling, 40 Years in Solar

Nov 22, 2018

Episode 127 of SunCast

From Nico Johnson, host of SunCast: Sam runs the consultancy Solar Cowboyz, and I thought it fitting to air his episode on Thanksgiving b/c he’s a person we all should be thankful for. Sam is one of the real pioneers in this industry, and I’m honored to have been able to host him on the show.

Sam was part of the coming of age from catalogue sales of offgrid products to introducing some of the most transformative grid-tie systems to the industry, and he was featured in Jeff Spies’ documentary Solar Roots. I hope by the end you’ll feel you know him a little better, and I hope you enjoy his stories.

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