State of Washington Senate Bill 5939

May 19, 2017

The legislature finds and declares that stimulating local investment in distributed renewable energy generation is an important part of a state energy strategy, helping to increase energy independence from fossil fuels, promote economic development, hedge against the effects of climate change, and attain environmental benefits. The legislature intends to increase the effectiveness of the existing renewable energy investment cost recovery program by reducing the maximum incentive rate provided for each kilowatt-hour of electricity generated by a renewable energy system over the period of the program and by creating opportunities for broader participation by low-income individuals and others who may not own the premises where a renewable energy system may be installed. The legislature intends to provide an incentive sufficient to promote installation of systems through 2021, at which point the legislature expects that the state’s renewable energy industry will be capable of sustained growth and vitality without the cost recovery incentive.

Download the full PDF here.

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