Solar Company Pioneers New Solar Panel (Module) Recycling Program in the USA

Jul 9, 2018

A state of the art solar recycling processing plant is in the final stages of completion in The United States of America and accepts solar panels from coast to coast. This new facility will be fully operational in 6 weeks. The solar PV recycling program begins August 15, 2018 and following this pilot program, plans are to expand to three other locations in the USA, bringing additional job opportunities and new business to a flourishing solar industry. 

Sam Vanderhoof, President of Solar CowboyZ recently said about the new company division called RPS, “Our company’s goal is to responsibly recycle solar modules, and to keep solar PV out of landfills. We are streamlining the process and lowering the costs of recycling solar.” 

In 2017, over 40 million solar panels were installed in the USA. This is the equivalent to 150 train cars filled with solar panels (6 million pounds) being installed every day in the United States. It was originally believed that solar PV would last 30 or more years. The truth is, many early solar PV systems are reaching the end of their useful life, earlier than expected. There are reports that new and recently deployed solar systems are prematurely damaged by hail storms, wind, fire, improper shipping, poor installation practices, and manufacturing defects. There are very few environmentally friendly choices available for processing solar waste. It’s estimated that approximately 90% of decommissioned solar PV panels are ending up in landfills. The volume of solar PV that will need to be recycled in the next 5 years is staggering.

“Recycling and reclaiming precious materials from damaged or decommissioned solar panels is the best way to make solar energy truly clean and renewable, from installation to the end of the solar panels life,” added Sam.

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