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Recycle PV Solar will assess damaged and end-of-life panels, determine costs to recycle unusable panels, and help repurpose solar panels with usable life. Our in-depth understanding of waste management rules and regulations, along with years of solar experience, will help you successfully navigate proper disposal of PV panels.

US Processing

Working with PV Cycle, with years of PV recycling experience, Recycle PV Solar has invested in equipment to effectively recycle solar panels in the US. Our state-of-the-art processing plant accepts panels from across the country.

Broken PV array image
Shed stacked with old PV panels

Repurposing and Recycling

Some recyclers handle glass only. Others take only aluminum frames. For Recycle PV Solar, recycling means that more than 90% of materials are recaptured, keeping PV out of landfills. With processing facilities in the US, along with a strong partnership with PV Cycle in Europe, Recycle PV Solar offers a complete PV recycling program.

Functioning PV  panels that are no longer producing at 100% can find a second life in repurposed installations. Recycle PV Solar uses our strong solar background to ensure repurposed PV panels are sourced appropriately. We handle repurposing with ethics and full transparency.

Certificates of Destruction / Regulation Compliance

In most places in the US, solar panels may not be disposed in landfills. In some areas, such as California, panels are considered hazardous waste at end of life. Recycle PV Solar complies with all regulations on PV panel disposal and conducts operations in accordance with international safety, quality and recycling standards. Recycle PV Solar will provide a certificate of destruction when required by the client.

We make the process to recycle old PV panel simple.