PV Cycle and Recycle PV Solar Announce Integrated Partnership for Recycling in USA

Sep 16, 2019

Recycle PV Solar and PV Cycle Join Forces to Offer a Cost-Efficient and Sustainable Solution by PV Experts

RECYCLE PV SOLAR and PV CYCLE today announced the start of an integrated partnership between two organizations promoting solar PV recycling and waste treatment of all components of a PV system. This partnership allows both companies to quickly ramp up a nation-wide management of decommissioned PV Power plants collection and treatment for discarded solar panels.

Over 7 million tons of photovoltaic panels have been installed in the United States and one day they will all reach the end of their life cycle. Today already PV Panels and inverters are returning due to transport or installation damage, severe weather conditions and warranty claims.

For owners of PV Systems, RECYCLE PV SOLAR and PV CYCLE create now the lean and mean service for re-use, recycling and treatment of decommissioned PV Power plants and components discarded PV Panels and systems.

“Our mission is to keep PV waste out of landfills and to properly treat all the components,” said Sam Vanderhoof, CEO of RECYCLE PV SOLAR

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