Preparing Panels for Shipping

Recycle PV Solar will walk you through the process of prepping solar panels for processing and recycling. Continue reading for more details.

Preparing Panels for Shipping

  1. Solar panels should be prepared for shipping on pallets. Use heavy-duty wooden pallet(s) of the correct size.
    1. For multiple pallets, separate broken glass panels from those with glass intact and label for handling.
    2. For a single pallet, stack unbroken panels on top of broken glass panels on the same pallet for sorting.
  2. Stack panels flat, squarely on the pallet, and no higher than 36 inches.
    1. Typically ship 20-30 solar panels per pallet.
  3. Place cardboard or plastic corner protectors on the corners of the panels to avoid displacement during shipping.
  4. Shrink-wrap the entire pallet of solar panels to further contain all loose parts or materials.
  5. Use metal or plastic banding material in several areas while securing the entire solar panel stack to the wooden pallet.

Processing Prior to Shipping

  1. Once panels are prepped to ship, provide the following information to Recycle PV Solar:
    1. For each pallet:
      1. Dimensions (width, length, height)
      2. Weight
      3. Number of solar panels per pallet
      4. Photo of each pallet
  1. We will provide a firm price quote for processing and recycling your panels.
  2. On acceptance of the quote, Recycle PV Solar will invoice you.
  3. On payment receipt, we will send you a Bill of Lading (BoL).
    1. Print the BoL and attach to each pallet for shipping.


  1. We will provide a tracking number for correspondence.
  2. The shipper will pick up pallet(s) from agreed upon location.

Panels shipped to Recycle PV Solar must be covered under an accepted quote. Solar panels shipped without an accepted quote will be returned at your expense.

Stacked panels image