Solar Recycling Simplified

Get started with your solar PV recycling and processing program today, and keep solar out of the landfill.

Recycle PV Solar is here to help make solar recycling simple. We will walk you through the process, help you understand where PV panels are going, what will happen to collected PV panels, how to be compliant with local regulations, and most importantly – ensure you understand the cost of recycling PV panels.

Over 90% of materials recaptured.
Nothing landfilled.

Why Recycle PV?

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True Sustainability

For solar to be a truly sustainable and clean energy source, the full lifecycle of solar components must be addressed by manufacturers, distributors, contractors, and O&M providers.

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In areas of the US, like California, PV modules must be handled as hazardous waste at end of life. Improper disposal can lead to groundwater issues.

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Revenue Generation

By understanding the costs of recycling and repurposing PV prior to removal, your company can turn PV removal into a revenue generator.

Who Benefits from Recycling Solar?

Repurposing and recycling is better for organizations, supply chains, and the environment.

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Solar Contractors

Understand the costs of recycling solar. Then turn solar removal into a new source of income. Highlight responsible disposal as part of sustainable processes to customers. 

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Provide a solar recycling program to your contractor network with clear processes and costs. Turn solar recycling into a sustainability initiative.

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O&M Providers

Know exactly what to do with PV modules from managed sites when damaged or replaced, while meeting or exceeding local disposal regulations.

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Be a full-service supplier, offering solutions to customers with end-of-life panels. Show you are in the solar industry for the long haul.

How Does This Work?

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Our process is simple. Start with filling in the form. We will contact you for more details, then provide a quote with pricing to process. We will work with you to pick up or ship PV panels to our solar processing plant here in the US.

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