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PV failure in the field

How to package your used solar panels

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Here’s how we accept solar panels for recycling/processing

To keep shipping costs low, and prevent further damage to the solar panels, please follow all procedures to properly ship, track bill for services, and process the solar panels in the most efficient manner. The below instructions must be followed exactly. DO NOT SHIP DIRECTLY TO US WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION! Any solar panels sent to us by you without prior written consent and documentation from us, will promptly be returned to you at your expense. 

1. We ONLY accept and process Mono-Crystalline and Poly-Crystalline (NO THIN FILM) 

2. If you are shipping multiple pallets of solar panels to us, separate by palletizing broken glass panels apart from non-broken glass panels on entirely separate pallets and label accordingly for correct handling.  If you have just a few non-broken panels, stack the non-broken panels on the top of the broken glass panels on the same pallet so they can be handled separately. 

3. Select a Heavy-duty wooden pallet of the correct size to handle the solar panels that are to be recycled.

4. Stack solar panels flat and squarely on the pallet to avoid further damages, with a height no taller than approximately 36 inches. (20-30 solar panels per each pallet works well for shipping)

5. Place cardboard or plastic corner protectors on the corners of the panels to avoid displacement during shipping.

6. Shrink-wrap the entire pallet of solar panels to further contain all loose parts or materials.

7. Use metal or plastic banding material in several areas while securing the entire solar panel stack to the wooden pallet. 

8. When you have completed steps 1-7, we will provide you with a firm quote to process your solar panels based on the count of panels as agreed, and the weight/measurements of the pallet(s). We will need the following information for each pallet. 

a. Width

b. Length

c. Height

d. Weight

e. Quantity of solar panels on each pallet

f. Photos of ready to ship pallets with solar panels for recycle.

9. If we have all agreed on the quote we provide to you and you have completed payment for recycling, then we will proceed to step 12. 

10. When payment is received from you to us, then we will send you a Bill of Lading (BOL) and the shipper will pick up from the agreed location. 

11. Print out our Bill of Lading and attach to each pallet of solar panels for shipment.

12. Do not ship until we send documents to authorize the beginning of shipment 

a. We will provide a formal BOL (Bill of Lading)

b. Full Payment must be received by us to process solar panels, which may or may not include shipping costs.

c. Once approved, we will provide an RMA number that will be used for all correspondence.

d. We will notify you when our shippers will pick up at your location.

*Please be aware that if the information provided by you to us is not true and correct, or if we receive more solar panels or a weight of solar panels that is more than indicated, additional charges may apply, and your company will be charged accordingly.