Create New Revenue Streams

And Do Something Great for Others

In the year 2020, the USA is scheduled to decommission more than 1 GW of aged or broken solar panels. Most need to be recycled and mined for their valuable components. Approximately 1/3 of these decommissioned solar panels can be refurbished and put back into service. It is always better to reuse than to recycle. Salvageable solar panels in working condition do have a value. The value of these solar panels can vary greatly depending on the age, condition and verifiable power generation output.

Used/refurbished solar panels can power offgrid solar water pumps, providing clean drinking water to Native American communities in the USA as well as remote areas in Latin America, Africa, Asia and more. Second life solar panels can provide a low-cost option to many parts of the world that have unreliable sources of energy. Refurbished/certified solar panels bring much needed energy to power orphanages, rural clinics, schools, and hospitals that otherwise would have no electricity or would depend on perhaps an unreliable and polluting diesel energy source. 

Recycle PV Solar has more than 40 years experience in refurbishing and reusing solar panels that could be reliably put back into service, producing clean energy for many years to come. We work closely with non-profit and aid organizations to provide free or low-cost solar energy systems with the support of the solar energy industry. Your donations of used solar panels can provide a much needed resource for a life changing technology in remote and rural areas not served by regular grid power. 

We can “pay it forward”, from our generosity by donating usable equipment. Donating your solar panels is a socially responsible way to keep unwanted solar panels out of landfills and to Recycle Solar for Good…

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Get Paid for Your Used Solar Equipment

Solar contractors, distributors and solar system owners can also benefit from selling usable solar PV panels to either offset the costs to recycle broken solar panels or to add a new profit center for their company. Recycle PV Solar wants to partner with your company to purchase usable solar panels. That’s right! Get paid for your old solar panels!

Recycle PV Solar will buy used, working, non-broken glass solar panels. No job too large or small.

Contact us through our “Get Started” button to start a correspondence with our team. Please indicate that you have usable, non-broken solar panels that you want to sell or donate.