About Us

Who We Are

Recycle PV Solar was founded in 2018 when solar-industry veterans Sam Vanderhoof and Kristina Whitney saw the need to address the life cycle of solar sustainably. With solar expanding exponentially in the U.S., it was no longer a “someday” problem. The need for addressing end-of-life disposal was an issue to be addressed immediately.

With few recycling options available to the U.S. market, where most recycling addresses only a small piece of PV, the team partnered with PV Cycle from Europe. In this collaboration, the team gathered intelligence from established programs in Europe. They paired best practices with an in-depth understanding of waste management in the U.S. and deep PV-industry knowledge to form Recycle PV Solar.

Fellow solar-industry veteran, Peter Beadle, joined the management team as President prior to launch, working to further Recycle PV Solar’s mission to keep PV out of landfills.

Our mission is to keep solar PV materials out of landfills and to reuse all components that are salvageable.

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PV panel in dumpster

Industry Involvement

Recycle PV Solar is proud to be part of the solar industry, working with trade organizations to establish education programs about PV recycling. We are proud members of:

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